The Truth About Child Molestation in Michigan (Part 4)

October 27, 2017 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
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Molestation may not have a clear definition in public opinion, but the law is very clear!


Welcome back and thanks for joining us again for the wrap up of this difficult subject. We understand that molestation is a hard subject to talk about, and many people aren’t comfortable having this conversation. However, the reality is that allegations of molestation happen daily in Michigan, and the best way to be prepared, is to be informed.


We’ve discussed exactly how Michigan law defines molestation, and how it’s prosecuted as a sex crime. We’ve also talked about the fact that while sexual touching leaves no physical evidence (unlike rape), a victim’s statement will still count as evidence in a court of law. So what can you do when a child claims you molested them, and the only evidence is your word against theirs?


In our current culture, there is very little tolerance for what is referred to as ‘victim blaming.‘ This stems from the fact that for so long, people ignored children’s claims of sexual assault, or glossed over them as being lies, manipulation, or fanciful imaginings. In recent decades however, it has come to the attention of mental health therapists the world over, that instances of child abuse are far more prevalent than was previously believed, and so the pendulum has swung the other way.


Now, most children are believed. Even when their claims are untrue. The fear of not believing an accuser, and allowing a ‘child molester’ to go free means juries often err on the side of caution, convicting innocent people accused of child molestation. The working theory seems to be that while convicting the wrong person is awful, allowing a child molester to go free to potentially molest countless more victims is worse. For this reason, they are often reluctant to vote in the favor of the accused.


Guilty until proven innocent…


While the American legal system is built on the belief that one is innocent until proven guilty, people accused of child molestation are rarely ‘proven’ guilty. They are often simply accused, and the guilt and fear of the jury results in a conviction. This is a tragedy, because innocent people are imprisoned and their lives and reputations are destroyed. All because a handful of people were too scared to run the risk of not believing a child.


We cannot tell you how many times we’ve handled molestation cases where the prosecution and police were convinced of someone’s guilt simply because a child made an unsubstantiated claim. A claim that we were later able to prove was entirely false. Or aimed at the wrong person. Or made because the child wanted attention, or was angry at the person they were accusing.


This is why having an experienced defense attorney who’s handled these types of cases before, is invaluable in this type of situation. Arguing won’t convince CPS or the police that you’re innocent. Explaining your side of the story won’t prove that the child is lying. If anything, talking to the police will probably make things worse. So please understand that the ONLY way to deal with this type of situation is to get yourself the best possible defense attorney right now!


As Attorney Brandy Thompson says, “We understand that children are in fact molested, and we support justice for the predators. However, false accusations happen very frequently and the low burden of proof often results in the imprisonment of innocent people. While we don’t have the perfect answer, we do have experience as defense attorneys that can assist those that have been falsely accused.”


So if you or a loved one have been accused of molesting a child, or having a sexual relationship with a minor (even if they consented) you need to call The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245! Our skilled child sex abuse defense attorneys have decades of experience helping the people of Michigan fight false allegations and trumped up charges. We can help you too!