Kyle Debruycker

Kyle grew up in Southeast Michigan with an intense desire to help those in need. With close family members who have special needs, Kyle understands that unique situations require proper advocacy, leading him to develop a passion for the law. Attorneys choose the law for various reasons, Kyle chose the law to further his devotion to helping others.  

His personal experiences are what makes him an ideal attorney to represent any client in all situations. He remains dedicated and driven in any situation, striving to keep his clients informed and involved at every turn. There is nothing he is not willing to tackle to ensure the best representation for his clients.

Kyle received his law degree from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law school after graduating from Michigan State University.  He spent some time working in estate planning and small business before moving on to representing school districts and municipalities.  His professional experiences prepared him to be a well-rounded individual and attorney, making him a very valuable asset to the team and his clients.

Kyle has strong commitment to family. When he is not working, you will likely find him spending time with his wife and dog outdoors, or with a fishing pole. Kyle is an avid tennis player and enjoys trying to improve his golf game. Unlike many others, Kyle enjoys Winter, reveling in the break from heat and insects. When he’s not outside, Kyle can be found in the kitchen dabbling with new foods and valuing any amount of time he can spend with family.