Educational Neglect

If you have been accused of any form or abuse or neglect of your child, then you will have questions. This is a truly scary experience for any parent to endure. You might wonder, "Will I lose my parental rights to my children?" With so much at stake, you need experienced, aggressive attorneys to guide you and protect your rights. At The Kronzek Firm, our team of lawyers understands how to win these types of cases.


Generally speaking, accusations of educational neglect arise when a child experiences chronic absences, excessive tardies, or a failure to be enrolled in an appropriate school. When a child has many unexcused absences, this attracts the attention of school authorities. In some instances, this results in school intervention. Truancy and chronic school absences can cause children to fall behind in their studies and is considered a form of neglect.


Most commonly, child protective service (CPS) workers are the ones who file child protection petitions. CPS workers of DHS, or prosecuting attorneys working on behalf of DHS, file the petition in family court.


However, school officials will sometimes file child protection petitions with allegations of educational neglect. Jurisdiction in hearings related to children under 18 years of age is found under certain circumstances.


For example, this is found when a parent or legal guardian is able to provide proper education but neglects or refuses to do so. Generally, education is defined as an organized program that is appropriate for a child's age, ability level, and intelligence covering subjects like math, reading, spelling, science, history, writing, civics, and grammar. A child is excused from compulsory public school education if attending private school or home-schooled.


There are many possible causes that lead to allegations of educational neglect. Some professionals believe that truancy is a symptom of other abuse and neglect at home. In addition, a family lacking financial resources can impact the child's attendance. If a family does not have electricity, water, or clothing for the children, this can make a difference whether the children go to school.


In another instance, a single parent might have to choose between using gas money to go to work or to take children to school. Another possibility is that a parent might ask a child to stay home from school to babysit brothers and sisters in order for the parent to be able to go to work to earn money.


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