Brandy J. Thompson

Brandy J. ThompsonWhen you look up the words 'competitive' and 'strong-willed' in the dictionary, you probably won't find Brandy Thompson's picture. But you should! Those are traits she has in spades, and it's part of what makes her the great attorney she is. That, and her fierce dedication, which she applies to everything from shopping and preparing gourmet meals, to helping clients in court.


Brandy didn't always want to be a lawyer. As a child she was convinced that her calling in life was veterinary medicine. However, after shadowing a local vet for a week and having to watch several animals being put down, she decided that it wasn't the career for her. Lucky for us, she chose the law instead, and she's never regretted it for a moment.


Brandy did her undergraduate degree at Lake Superior State University, which is apparently a terrible place to be if you don't like the cold. (To this day, no one is quite sure how she survived!)  There she majored in Political Science and Pre-Law, graduating Magna Cum Laude, before heading off to MSU to get her law degree. Brandy joined The Kronzek Firm as a law clerk, and thankfully she is still with us today. Busy as she is, though, Brandy knows how to take it easy.


When she isn't vacationing in the Riviera Maya (which is her favorite place on the planet), she spends her free time doing DIY projects around the house, hanging out with her daughters, and reading. What does she read? Everything, as long as it comes recommended. But her particular favorites are books that make her laugh. So if you have a recommendation for a great book with a funny plot line, don't forget to let Brandy know!


As a volunteer Girl Scout leader, an avid supporter of the Capital Area Humane Society, and a member of the Family Defense Attorneys of Michigan, Brandy's schedule is hectic. But because she embraces every moment, every experience is tackled head on, learned from, and savored.


And talking about savored...Brandy is a dedicated foodie. She loves Mediterranean, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and just about any other type of ethnic food she can get her hands on. Her favorites? Spice. The hotter the better. Don't ever accept a spicy food challenge from Brandy unless you like losing.


Ask Brandy what the most important thing in life is, and she'll tell you 'family.' She talks to her mother on the phone every week, hangs out with her sister regularly, and loves nothing more than shopping and spa days with her daughters. As for her husband, (who she describes as her rock) they met over 20 years ago in college and have been together ever since. In fact, family is at the center of everything Brandy does, which is why she is such a dedicated family law and CPS defense attorney. Whether it's a contentious custody battle, a highly charged divorce, or a difficult CPS case, Brandy puts the family first. And her clients love her for it!


Another thing that makes Brandy so good at what she does, is her compassion. She has a heart for those who are suffering. Before joining The Kronzek Firm, she worked in the Victim/Witness Unit at the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office, which gave her an opportunity to help those in need. It was an experience that fueled her, and drove her to become one of the best attorneys around. The chance to help keep families intact and fight for parent's rights is what gets her out of bed in the morning, and what makes her such an asset to The Kronzek Firm.


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