Child Neglect

Child neglect is defined as either threatened or actual harm to a child's health or welfare, caused by a parent or legal guardian. It refers to the negligence involved in not providing the basic needs that the state has determined are necessary for a child's health and welfare. It tends to present as an ongoing pattern of inadequate care.

Some examples include failure to provide clothing, food, shelter, or adequate medical care. Another example is placing a child's welfare or health at unreasonable risk when the parent or guardian knows about the risks and is able to intervene, but doesn't. There are several types of neglect, which we have outlined below in order to provide you with a rough overview of what each one includes.


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Physical Neglect

Physical neglect refers to a type of maltreatment directly linked to providing for a child's physical needs. Inadequate food, shelter, clothing and supervision can all amount to physical neglect. Signs of physical neglect in children often include regular hunger, ill-fitting or seasonally inappropriate clothing, and poor personal hygiene. This could also present as the stress and fear associated with regular exposure to extremely violent environments. Read more here.


Emotional/Psychological Neglect

Emotional neglect is when a parent of caregiver denies a child the emotional security and support that they need. Emotional neglect includes not providing the affection, attention, or other forms of emotional support required for a healthy parent-child relationship. In a situation where a child is emotionally neglected, they often struggle to form other healthy relationships, and can have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings to another person. Read more here


Educational Neglect

Educational neglect refers to a child's educational needs being neglected by their parents or guardian. This tends to take the form of excessive tardiness, chronic absences from school, or failure to attend school.  All of these affect a child's ability to remain on task with their studies, and can be viewed as educational neglect. Homeschooling families are not exempt, either. They can be accused of educational neglect by the state as well. Read more here



Medical Neglect

Medical neglect is when a parent or guardian refuses to allow a child the necessary medical care that they require in order to be as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, because medical professionals often do not agree on the type of care a sick child needs, a parent may be accused of medical neglect when all they were doing was following the orders of one doctor over another or seeking a second opinion. Read more here


Child Neglect Defense Attorneys

When a loving parent is accused of child abuse or neglect, it is a horrible, heart-wrenching experience. But having compassionate and experienced lawyers who care about what happens to you and your family can make all the difference. The team at The Kronzek Firm is deeply invested in protecting your rights as a parent, defending you against false allegations, and ensuring that your family is restored.

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling abuse and neglect cases in Michigan, and we understand how to get the best possible outcome in every case we handle. We have considerable experience in both family law and criminal law, which means that regardless of whether your case ends up as a criminal trial, or a parental termination case in family court, we are fully equipped to handle every aspect of your defense.


If CPS or the police are investigating you for abuse or neglect, then it is in your best interest to hire an attorney as soon as possible. At The Kronzek Firm, we believe in proactive, aggressive legal representation because it wins cases. Contact us today  for a free and confidential initial consultation to see if we are the right team for you.

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