Our Attorneys

Charles M. Kronzek



Chuck may be a respected and highly sought after defense attorney now, yet his former careers included an amazing range of professions. From songwriter to police officer to property investor, Chuck has brought his tireless dedication and unflappable manner to every job he’s ever done.



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John M. English


If you’re looking for a guy who lives life to the fullest, loves the outdoors, and enjoys a wide array of activities, then you’re looking for Attorney John M. English. If you’re looking for a great attorney with decades of experience and a deep respect for the legal system, well, you’re still looking for John English. And lucky for you, we know exactly where to find him! in fact you need look no farther than The Kronzek Firm.



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Brandy J. Thompson



When you look up the words 'competitive' and 'strong-willed' in the dictionary, you probably won't find Brandy Thompson's picture. But you should! Those are traits she has in spades, and it's part of what makes her the great attorney she is. That, and her fierce dedication, which she applies to everything from shopping and preparing gourmet meals, to helping clients in court.



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Stephanie M. Service



The year was 2005. The place: a dark little restaurant in West Virginia, during a family reunion dinner. Stephanie Service was tucking into a club sandwich, when her Grandpa leaned over and asked her what she wanted to do with her life. Her answer? “The usual – get a job, get married, have kids.” His response? “You should think about law school.”



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Joshua Pease



Before joining our team at The Kronzek Firm, Joshua Pease spent years working as a solo practitioner. But no man is an island, and lucky for us, Josh joined our team and agreed to share his considerable experience with The Kronzek Firm and our clients.




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Kim Savage

Kim's head shot




Kim works like a Trojan. She is dogged and determined and fierce in ways that few people are these days. It's what carried her through the long training hours before she ran the Bayshore Marathon a few years ago, and what pushed her over the finish line at the end. It's also what kept her going when she was completing two master's degrees while simultaneously attending law school and working full time. 


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