Traverse City Bus Aide Jailed for Child Abuse

November 21, 2015 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

William Rosinski, a former Traverse City school bus aide who worked for Dean Transportation, has pleaded guilty to third degree attempted child abuse, and been sentenced to a year in jail. The charges are the result of Rosinski allegedly physically assaulting a special needs student on two separate occasions, once on school property and once on the bus itself.

The first incident took place on September 11th at about 7:30 in the morning. Rosinski and the student became embroiled in an argument when the aide took a blanket and pillow away from a middle school student on the bus. His explanation was that he didn’t want the boy sleeping while the bus was moving. The argument escalated to include physical assault, at which time Rosinski is said to have intentionally hit the student in the head with his knee.

The second incident occurred just a few days later on September 14th in the school parking lot. Rosinski once again became frustrated with the same student, this time for reasons that are not made clear by sources. Rosinski allegedly grabbed the student’s arm and twisted it up behind the boy’s back. He is said to have let go and walked away for a moment, but returned shortly and resumed the exchange. This time he grabbed the boy’s arm and pressed his head forcefully against a bus window.

Rosinski was originally charged with third degree child abuse, a four year felony under state law. He admitted to assaulting the boy, saying that he had been frustrated by the exchanges between them. Last month he pled guilty to attempted child abuse, which under Michigan law is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail.

When Rosinski appeared in court for his sentencing hearing, the video recording of his assaults on the boy was played for all to see. The Judge, who also watched them, called it one of the worst things he had seen in District Court. Which is why he chose to sentence Rosinski with the maximum allowable sentence under Michigan’s sentencing guidelines. Immediately after sentencing, the Judge called for a recess, saying that he wanted Rosinski out of his court room as fast as possible.

Rosinski, in addition to being ordered to pay $900 in court fees, will also have child abuse as part of his permanent record. In addition, he will be placed on the DHHS list of “abusers”. All in all, this incident has cost Rosinski far more than just his job and the year he will spent behind bars. Unfortunately for him, this situation will affect his future relationships, community standing, and even career options. Which is why if you, or someone you love, stands accused of child abuse it is important to get a good attorney on your side to fight for your rights. Don’t wait. Contact us today.