Traverse Bay Third-Degree Child Abuse Charges

October 11, 2015 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

School Bus Aide Charged with Child Abuse

A school bus aide in the Traverse Bay area is facing criminal charges for the alleged assault of a 13-year-old student on the bus. According to police records the bus aide, William Rosinski, is charged with third-degree child abuse.

Authorities say that the first incident took place on September 11th at about 7:30 am. Rosinski apparently took a blanket and pillow away from a middle school student on the bus, because he didn’t want the boy sleeping while the bus was moving. The two then became engaged in an argument, which then escalated to include physical assault. Rosinski is said to have hit the student in the head with his knee.

Just a few days later, on September 14th, the same student and Rosinski once again became engaged in an argument. This time the altercation took place in the parking lot of the Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District.

According to Jill Markoski, the school resource officer, it happened like this: the two became involved in a verbal exchange which got heated. Eventually, Rosinski grabbed the student’s arm and twisted it up behind his back. He then walked away for a moment, but returned to continue the exchange. This time he grabbed the student’s arm and pressed his head forcefully against a window.

The student, a boy from Mancelona, apparently had no visible injuries and did not need any medical attention after the encounter with Rosinski.

Rosinski was employed by Dean Transportation, a company that contracted transportation services to the school. However, after this incident was reported, both Rosinski and the bus driver were suspended with pay. Shortly after, however, Rosinski quit his job with Dean, and the bus driver was fired.

According to the Grand Traverse County Prosecutor’s Office, Rosinski is being charged with third-degree child abuse, but he may not be the only one. The prosecutor is considering bringing charges against the bus driver as well, although this doesn’t mean that the driver is certain to be charged.

Under Michigan law, third-degree child abuse is a felony punishable by up to two years in prison. Rosinski was granted a $50,000 bond, which he has since posted. Conditions of his bond forbid him to be on any school property, on a bus, or have any contact with the student he allegedly assaulted.

He is scheduled to appear in court on October 20th for his probable cause hearing, and on October 26th for the preliminary hearing.