Rogue Doctors & False Allegations: Could it Ever Affect Your Family? (Pt 3)

February 12, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Truth or Lie

Hey there, thanks for joining us again for the wrap up of this discussion. So far we’ve looked at a couple of cases here in Michigan where innocent parents were falsely accused of child abuse by the Child Protection Team at Mott’s Children’s Hospital, led by Dr. Bethany Mohr. Thankfully, in both cases we looked at, the charges were eventually dismissed, but only after a long, stressful, and expensive legal battle that could have avoided if only Dr. Mohr didn’t assume every tiny scratch and bruise is a sign of violent parenting.

Others in the medical profession are questioning Dr. Mohr

Thankfully, defense lawyers and judges aren’t the only ones starting to question Dr. Mohr’s judgement when it comes to her unfounded allegations of child abuse. Dr. Douglas Smith, a retired University of Michigan Pathologist, was also interviewed by WXYZ Detroit in their article about so-called child protection teams, and he agrees that there is something very wrong with the way Dr. Mohr treats families seeking help for their children.

Dr. Smith believes Dr. Mohr misrepresents herself as a helper to families

“I’m seeing a great number of families that are being torn apart because they’ve been falsely accused of child abuse. There are simple explanations or medical conditions that explain the injuries to the child.” Dr. Smith said in his interview with WXYZ. And in his case, it’s not just an opinion. Dr. Smith volunteers his expertise to families falsely accused of abuse by Child Abuse Pediatricians. Eight of the families he’s working with right now have been accused by Dr. Mohr.

How do you keep yourself safe if your child is ever hospitalized?

The last thing most parents think about when they rush their ailing children off to the ER is being accused of abuse. After all, they’re confused and afraid, and they’re looking for help. They don’t expect to be accused of hurting their own kids. So when a concerned physician joins them in the room, checking their child, and asking questions, no one expects that what’s really happening is an interrogation. But it may be. So here’s what you need to keep in mind to protect yourself and your kids.

Doctors aren’t cops, so the rules are different!

When an officer sits down with you, you know that everything you say and do is being assessed as part of an investigation. But when a doctor comes into the room, snapping on gloves and asking questions about your baby’s health, the last thing you suspect is that your words could be used against you. They can, though, so you need to be very careful. Be honest, but NEVER speculate! If you don’t know how something happened don’t provide “helpful suggestions” – just say you don’t know. Because everything you say to that doctor could be used as testimony against you in court in the event of a child abuse investigation.

Don’t let an over-zealous doctor tear your family apart!

Being accused of abusing your child by the very people who were supposed to help you is one of the worst experiences a parent could have! But here at The Kronzek Firm, our experienced abuse and neglect defense team have battled Dr. Mohr’s team many times, and had successful outcomes on behalf of our clients. So call us today at 866 766 5245, and protect your family from medical kidnapping. Also, join us next time for a wrap up that looks at what your rights are when the Child Protection Team starts making false accusations!