Rogue Doctors & False Allegations: Could it Ever Affect Your Family? (Pt 2)

February 8, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Detecting lies
They make claims that parents are abusing their kids, but they have no science to back those claims up!

If you’re just stumbling across this article, then chances are you’re looking for information about Child Abuse Pediatricians and the unchecked power they hold over families in Michigan. Well, you’ve come to the right place, but we highly recommend that you take a minute to read the first article we wrote a few days ago, so that you don’t miss out on any important info in this series. But once you’re all caught up, let’s hit the road with a few examples…

A recent news article revealed some scary truths!

WXYZ Detroit published an article recently that revealed the horrible reality that many Michigan parents have endured at the hands of Dr. Bethany Mohr and her team from Mott’s Children’s Hospital. Multiple families across the state have been broken up because Dr. Mohr sees every single injury as a sign of violent abuse. She doesn’t test for rare medical conditions, genetic disorders, or diseases. She simply sees the bruise, the mark, or the fracture, and calls CPS to report the parents as abusers! It’s heartbreaking!

The Parker family had to fight to get their kids back.

Allie and Jimmy Parker, a couple from Westland, lost both of their children to Dr. Mohr’s false allegations. According to their attorney, Mohr made more than 20 reports against the couple, accusing them of abusing their children, in particular their 6 week old baby, Dylan. The family was forced to engage in a long and protracted battle with the state, which ruined them financially, and left them devastated. CPS removed both their kids, and it was 8 months of painful separation, before the case was finally dismissed by a Judge who noted at the end of the trial that Dr. Mohr’s science left a lot to be desired.

But they aren’t the only ones to be falsely accused!

A few years before the Parker case, Michigan parents Josh Soto and Alexandria Burgess were also accused of abusing their baby by Dr. Mohr. When they took their baby daughter to the E.R., concerned about her fussiness and apparent pain, they were horrified to discover that both her legs were broken. Almost immediately Dr. Mohr stepped in and accused the couple of child abuse. CPS took their baby away without a court order. It was only later revealed that Motts only tested for 2 of the 18 genetic markers for brittle bone disease. In the end, it was determined that little Selena had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

You CAN fight back against medical kidnapping!

Being accused of abusing your child buy the very people who were supposed to be helping you has got to be one of the worst experiences a parent could have! But here at The Kronzek Firm, our experienced abuse and neglect defense team have gone head to head with Dr. Mohr’s team many times in the past and had successful outcomes. We know exactly how to handle these types of cases. So call us today at 866 766 5245, and protect your family from medical kidnapping. Also, join us next time for a wrap up that looks at what your rights are when the Child Protection Team starts making false accusations!