Pot is Now Legal in Michigan! But What Does That Mean For Parents? (Pt 2)

November 23, 2018 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Marijuana plant
Now that recreational marijuana is legal, how might that affect you and your kids?


Hey there, and welcome back. We’ve been talking about the fact that recreational marijuana is now legal in Michigan, and what kind of potential issues and troubles that may bring up for parents in future. We’ve already discussed the fact that the new law doesn’t allow anyone under the age of 21 to use or possess weed for any reason. And we’ve looked at the fact that there are concerns that with the legalization happening, kids may have easier access to pot through their parents who use it. But how could that affect you?


The state frowns on children having access to illicit drugs!


CPS has always taken a dim view of parents allowing their children access to illicit drugs. So it’s very likely that if the cops investigate this type of situation in future, CPS will get called in. And what does that mean? It means that anyone who chooses to use recreational marijuana in their homes would have to prove that their kids couldn’t possibly, under any circumstances, have access to any drugs.


But showing a locked box that’s out in the garage and up on a high shelf right now, doesn’t mean it was always like that! And once CPS is involved, everything changes. If they think for even a moment that kids in that home may have had access to marijuana, they can remove those children on the grounds that the environment is unsafe.


Can someone lie about me letting my kids have access to pot?


And that’s the issue right there. If you happen to use recreational marijuana in future, it’s always possible that someone could make false allegations against you about it. Whether it’s your spouse and you’re involved in a messy divorce, or a former friend or roommate that you’re having an argument with, and they’re looking for a way to get back at you. Maybe even a neighbor who disagrees with the fact that you use recreational marijuana, and wants to “teach you a lesson.”


Whatever the situation, false allegations happen. People sometimes use CPS as a weapon to get back at others, or to manipulate a situation to their advantage. And with the recent legalization of marijuana here in Michigan, that has provided yet another tool for vengeful individuals to create drama for caring parents by lying about them.


Don’t let a mistake strip you of your parenting rights!


During this time of transition, there’s likely to be a lot of confusion. People may end up misunderstanding the changes in the law, or making assumptions about how these changes will be implemented. This could lead to issues where parents are fighting for their parenting rights simply because they misunderstood something, which would be tragic.


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