Not Reporting Child Abuse Can Mean Serious Consequences For You in Michigan!

October 22, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
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If you are certain that a child is being abused, then you need to report that abuse to the police or to CPS.

Abusing children is against the law in Michigan. Ask around and you’ll find that pretty much everyone knows that. (Although you’ll probably find that different people have different ideas about what exactly counts as child abuse, but that’s another discussion for another day.) But did you know that you can get into trouble for child abuse, even if you weren’t the one who committed it? Indeed – the catch here is knowing about it. And failing to report abuse when you know about it is serious stuff!

And no, we’re not talking about mandated reporters who fail to report suspected abuse. We’re talking about ordinary, everyday people who don’t report suspected child abuse. That’s right, anyone can be charged with a crime in Michigan, if they knew about a child being abused, and did nothing to stop it, which includes making a report it to the police. Like the case of 26-year-old Jamie Siler, who was recently sent to prison because her boyfriend was sexually abusing a young girl.

Police say she knew, but didn’t report it to authorities!

24-year-old Brandon Michael Biggs (Siler’s boyfriend) was charged and convicted of repeatedly sexually abusing an eight-year-old girl in his home. He was also accused of filming the assaults and sharing them online. The abuse is said to have continued for a period of six months. In the end, he accepted a plea deal which got two of his charges dropped, but was still convicted of Distributing and Promoting Child Abusive Material, Possession of Child Sexually Abusive Material, and Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Penetration.

But what does that have to do with Siler? Did she participate in the abuse? Nope, but she knew about it. According to Siler, Biggs threatened to rape, torture and kill both her and her daughter if she ever made a report to the cops. She was terrified! But in the end Siler was charged, and entered a no-contest plea to Attempted Second Degree Child Abuse, which got two other charges dismissed. She’s also being required to participate in regular testing and treatment (if necessary) for drug use, and attend sex offender treatment.

Having child abuse convictions on your record can wreck your life!

Being accused of child abuse, especially when it’s sexual abuse, can have a devastating effect on your life. Once you’ve been labeled a child abuser and a sexual predator (even if you didn’t actually do anything yourself!) the effects can negatively impact your future in all kinds of ways. In addition to the damage to your reputation, a criminal conviction can make it hard to get a good job, find housing in a good neighborhood, or get into the school you want to study at. And if you’re on the sex offender registry, the limitations on your life are almost unimaginable!

That’s why you need a good defense attorney on your side from the earliest possible moment. So if you or a loved one are ever accused of child abuse, even if you never did anything yourself, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 immediately. Don’t wait and hope it will go away on its own. You need to fight to defend yourself and your future. Which is exactly what our skilled child abuse defense attorneys have a reputation for – fighting aggressively to defend your rights and ensure the best possible outcome in your case.