New Bill Hopes to Protect The Falsely Accused in Michigan!

February 21, 2018 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Scales of justice
Any law that advocates for the falsely accused is a good step towards justice!

This is potentially fantastic news, and we’re very excited to share it with you! If you haven’t already heard about House Bills 4536, 4537 and 4538, we recommend you take a minute and check them out. Introduced by State Rep. Peter J. Lucido, and receiving wide support in both the House and Senate, this package of bills was crafted with a very special group of people in mind – those who have been falsely accused of a crime in Michigan!

How would these bills protect falsely accused people?

Should these bills be signed into law, they will make major changes to the way law enforcement agents in Michigan are required to handle personal information gathered during an investigation, if the charges are later dismissed before the trial. For example, fingerprints, DNA samples, statements made to the police, and descriptive data gathered by investigating officers must all be expunged. That means the records are to be destroyed!

Another requirement would be that all  information gathered during the investigation be removed from the Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN). LEIN is used by law enforcement agencies across Michigan and the United States, so having your personal information removed from it can go a long way towards helping you not appear guilty in your future dealings with officers.

The bills were inspired by a specific Michigan case!

Before becoming a House Representative, Lucido was the founder, president and managing partner of Lucido & Manzella, PC, where he handled one specific case that stayed with him for years afterwards. He represented someone from Macomb County, who was accused of a crime. However, before that individual went to trial, one of the state’s witnesses reneged on their statement, and the charges were dismissed.

However, in the eyes of the public and the police, that individual was still guilty. They had been fingerprinted, investigated, searched and accused. They were considered as good as guilty, and it complicated their life in terrible ways for years to come, despite the fact that they were innocent and no charges were ever brought. Lucido says he understand that people are considered “guilty until proven innocent” in the court of public opinion, but he hopes these bills will “help make certain our legal system meets a higher, constitutional standard.”

Being falsely accused of a crime can ruin your future!

In the words of Lucido, “We’re failing as a country if we continue to say someone is innocent until proven guilty, but our police departments keep specific identifying information for someone when the supposed victim admits to lying! There’s no excuse to keep that detail for someone who never faces a day of trial, much less is not convicted.!

We couldn’t agree more! Having worked with countless people over the years to fight false allegations of abuse and neglect, we understand just how destructive these kinds of false accusations can be! So if you have been falsely  accused of a crime against a child, whether it’s child abuse, sexual assault, neglect, or any other terrible act, contact The Kronzek Firm immediately at 866 766 5245. We have spent decades successfully defending the people of Michigan against false allegations of abuse. We can help you too.