Larry Nassar Pleads Guilty to Sexual Abuse of Patients

December 13, 2017 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Before the allegations came out, Larry Nassar was a world-renown sports doctor!

It seems the Larry Nassar case has taken an unexpected turn. After months of denying the allegations against him, Nassar has recently decided to come clean. He has admitted to sexually assaulting as many as 125 girls and women who came to him for medical help and pain treatment.

Although you’re probably aware of the case details (it’s been a headlining subject in the media for over a year), here’s a quick refresher:

What’s happened so far in the Nassar case?

Dr. Nassar, an osteopathic physician specializing in sports medicine, was a faculty member at Michigan State University and the team physician for USA Gymnastics. In August 2016, Rachael Denhollander, a former gymnast, went public with her accusations against Nassar. She claimed that he sexually assaulted her during routine “treatments.” These revelants opened the floodgates, and since then over 100 women have come forward with similar allegations.

A few months later in November, charges were brought against Nassar by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office. These included three counts of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. In at least one of these cases, the victim is alleged to have been younger than 13. Nassar was arrested and granted a $1 million bond, which he paid.

Nassar was charged with more than just sexual assault!

However, his freedom was short lived. In December 2016, Nassar was arrested again, this time by federal officials on child pornography charges. According to court records, Nassar was accused having thousands of pictures of children in sexually compromising positions. In January 2017, Nassar appeared in the Ingham County Circuit Court in Lansing for a hearing in the civil lawsuit against him by one of his alleged victims

Since then the case has developed alongside a steady stream of allegations by what seems to be an endless stream of victims. Nassar is facing very serious charges that could land him in prison for decades. The plea deal he’s finally chosen to accept has a minimum sentence of 25 years, although the Judge may chose to increase that minimum to 40 years.

At his plea hearing Nassar admitted to digital penetration of seven girls, which he said was done under the guise of treatment at his home and at an MSU campus clinic. The assaults are said to have happened between 1998 and 2015.

He apologized to his victims, many of whom were present at the hearing.

In a statement made to the court, Nassar apologised to his victims.”For all those involved … I’m so horribly sorry that this was like a match that turned into a forest fire out of control. I pray the rosary every day for forgiveness. I want them to heal. I want the community to heal.”

Judge Rosemary Aquilina addressed Nassar after his plea was entered, making no doubt as to her position on his actions. “You used your position of trust … in the most vile way to abuse children. I agree that now is a time of healing, but it may take them a lifetime of healing while you spend your lifetime behind bars thinking about what you did in taking away their childhood.” She went on to call his victims “superheroes for all of America, because this is an epidemic!”