MSU Gymnastics Coach Found Guilty of Lying to Cover For Larry Nassar!

February 28, 2020 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
A young gymnast sitting on the ground with her knees together, looking sad and thoughtful
Multiple gymnasts claimed they told their coach about Nassar’s assaults, but she says she has no memory of these reports

The fall out from the Nassar case was monumental. Almost everything about that entire timeline was staggering, if not actually record-breaking. The number of victims affected by the abuse. The number of victim impact statements given at the trial. The number of other people accused of covering up, collaborating, or simply remaining mute in the face of Nassar’s crimes. It’s been incredible to watch the entire, terrible process unfold over the course of several years, and so this newest installment, where another coach is convicted of lying to cover up Nassar’s abuses, comes as no surprise whatsoever. 

This former coach has been on the wrong side of history from the start

When the Nassar scandal first broke, Kathy Klages quickly made enemies for defending him. The situation quickly escalated, and Klages was suspended from her position at MSU, where she worked as a gymnastics coach. Shortly after that she resigned. In the ensuing 2018 investigation into Nassar’s sexual assaults, Klages was interviewed by police about the two young girls who allegedly reported Nassar’s abuse to her. 

Klages claimed she has no memory of being told about the assaults

According to court documents, Larissa Boyce, who was 16 at the time, was sexually abused by Nassar and reported the incident to Klages. Another girl who was 14 at the time also made a report to Klages, apparently on the same day as Boyce, about Nassar touching her inappropriately. But Klages says she doesn’t remember either of these girls telling her anything. And when she heard the allegations against Nassar in 2017, she says she was shocked, as it was the first time she had heard anything like that.

Boyce testified at Klages trial recently, and told her story

According to Boyce’s testimony, when she was training with the Spartan youth gymnastics team in 1997, Nassar had touched her inappropriately. But Klages apparently told her at the time that complaining about Nassar could make trouble for her, so she shouldn’t say anything to anyone. Boyce says she agreed to keep silent, and even apologized for making the report. Klages later denied all of this, saying that the girls never told her anything about Nassar, and that she has no memory of these conversations ever taking place.

The jury deliberated for three hours over Klages guilt before convicting her

Klages was found guilty of both a felony and a misdemeanor for lying to the police during an investigation. She was convicted in the same courthouse where Nassar received his sentence over two years ago. Klages, who is the second person to be convicted of charges relating to Nassar’s crimes since his conviction, is facing up to four years in prison. She will be sentenced on April 15th.

Lying to the police is a big deal and can get you into trouble!

Although one of our golden rules for our clients is not to answer any questions from police until they’ve had a chance to talk to us first, we want to remind you that you should NEVER lie to the police. You have the right to stay silent when the cops question you, if you choose to. But there’s a big difference between respectfully being quiet, and being dishonest. If you’re accused of child abuse, call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 and then keep your mouth shut until we arrive. But never, ever lie to the police!