Michigan Woman Charged For Choking Teen at Disney World

April 14, 2017 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
A blocked view at the fireworks display has led to child abuse charges.
A blocked view at the fireworks display has led to child abuse charges.


Disney may be the most magical place on earth, but for one woman who is facing felony charges for allegedly choking a teen girl during a fireworks display, it may have lost some of it’s luster. Being arrested and charged with felony child abuse tends to have that effect on people.


Tabbatha Kay Mature, a 41-year-old resident of New Baltimore in Macomb County, has been accused of choking a teenaged girl who was blocking her view of a fireworks display in Disney World. According to records provided by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the event took place just days ago in the Magic Kingdom, where the nightly fireworks display is a much anticipated event.


Apparently Mature and her family were seated in anticipation of the event, when the teen girl and her friends took seats in front of them. The friends were part of a high school group who were spending the day together at Disney. When the fireworks began, the teen and her friends stood up, blocking the view for those who were seated behind them.


Mature allegedly became agitated and told the girl repeatedly to sit down and get out of the way. However the teenagers didn’t listen, and continued to block the Mature family’s view. According to witness testimony, Mature became more and more agitated, and finally the teenagers, feeling uncomfortable with her alleged aggression, decided to leave. As they were leaving, the girl said to the Mature family “you can take our spot.” However, the offer was apparently insufficient compensation for having ruined the view.


No one was harmed, but charges are being pursued regardless.


At this point, according to the alleged victim, Mature wrapped her hands around the girl’s throat and began to squeeze. In response, the girl started to scream and Mature let go, but not before she is said to have told the girl, “You don’t want to mess with me!” Although the girl was unharmed by the encounter, her family has decided to “pursue prosecution.”


Disney Park Security intervened, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department was called to the scene. Mature was arrested and charged with Child Abuse, which is a felony in Florida. She was granted a $2,000 bond, which she has since paid, and is currently free. However, she has a long road ahead of her, which is likely to cost her family a substantial sum of money.

Not only will she be required to hire a defense attorney who is licensed to practice in the state of Florida, but she will be required to either stay in the state, or return to Florida for every court hearing, which is in itself a significant added cost. In addition, she will most likely have to serve out whatever sentence she is granted by the Judge in a Florida prison, which will make visits from her family very expensive.