Man Tried to Hire Michigan ‘Assassin’ to Kill CPS Worker!

June 19, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Assassin with sword
The idea of hiring an assassin has been glorified by movies and video games, but in reality, taking out a hit on someone is serious business! And VERY illegal!

We’re not fans of CPS. We’ve spent years battling the agency in court, helping families torn apart by their anti-family policies, and protecting parents falsely accused by CPS workers of abuse and neglect. But much as we can say we don’t like or appreciate them, this one father from Florida took his anger at the agency several steps too far! (More like a GIANT leap too far!)

According to court documents from the U.S. District Court in Toledo, David Culver, a 35-year-old registered sex offender from Fountain, Florida targeted a social worker who he believed was involved in the investigation that resulted in his separation from his children. Culver was formerly convicted of endangering children, and lost his rights to his own children as a result.

Real life and the movies don’t work the same way!

In response, Culver decided that the best way to deal with this situation was to have the social worker involved murdered. But hiring a hit man isn’t as easy as it looks in the movies, so Culver reached out to the only person he knew who might have contacts with assassins for hire – a Michigan resident with a criminal record.  He asked the man to connect him with someone willing to carry out a hit on a social worker. Instead, the man reached out to the police.

Culver told the man he’d moved to Florida, but later returned to Ohio where he was from, and gotten into some trouble. “But do u still have any contacts with some bad people?” he allegedly said via text. “I need a huge favor.” Culver went on to say he needed to “get rid” of someone “ASAP” When the informant asked for clarification, Culver allegedly responded: “None breathing.”

The Michigan contact reported Culver’s request to the cops!

According to a press release made by the FBI, the Bryan Police Department and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, an officer went undercover and met with Culver, pretending to be an assassin. They met outside a McDonald’s restaurant in Bryan, where Culver explained what he wanted done, and paid the undercover officer $200 as a down payment for the CPS worker’s death. Shortly after that he was arrested.

Culver has since been charged with one count of Using Interstate Facilities for Murder. At his first court appearance Magistrate Judge James Knepp II appointed him a federal public defender and scheduled a preliminary hearing. Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Freeman requested Culver be held in detention without bail.

CPS can be infuriating, but there are better solutions!

We get it – CPS workers can drive you crazy. They seem to have very poor listening skills, and often don’t respect parents privacy or even believe what they’re told. But hiring a hitman is a not the solution! If CPS is harassing you, or threatening to take your children, don’t make stupid or illegal choices – call 866 766 5245 instead and get a skilled and aggressive CPS defense attorney on your side!