Hostile Aggressive Parenting: Is It a Form of Child Abuse? (Pt 2)

February 2, 2018 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Kid drawing picture of parents fighting
Hostile aggressive parents make children feel guilty about loving their other parent!

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again. In the previous article we introduced the topic of hostile aggressive parenting, and talked about why it counts as a type of child abuse. Although awareness of Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting is increasing, the fact is that many people still don’t realize that they even exist. Or how devastating the effects are on children.

Are there ever valid reasons for parental alienation?

Yes. There are certain situations where a child chooses to alienate a parent, that are not the result of hostile aggressive parenting. For example, sometimes a parent does something drastic to injure or frighten a child, and the child responds by cutting themselves off emotionally from that parent. This can be the case in child abuse or domestic assault situations. However it’s far more common when the parent in question has done nothing to harm the child at all, and the other parent is manipulating the child as a way to control their behavior.

Why is hostile aggressive parenting abusive to children?

In situations where one parent uses hostile aggressive parenting to control and manipulate their child’s affections, the child’s psychological well being is severely impacted in a negative way. Depriving a child of the chance to be loved and cared for by both parents, and in turn to show love for both parents, the hostile aggressive parent takes on the role of “abuser”. This in turn, can cause a host of problems for the child during their childhood and later on in life.

What are children’s symptoms, when subjected to hostile aggressive parenting?

If a child is being manipulated and emotionally abused by a hostile aggressive parent, the psychological damage can manifest in myriad ways. This is in part why it can be so hard to pinpoint what’s happening, especially when the child is also having a hard time with the divorce itself. However, here is a list of symptoms exhibited by children who are subject to emotional abuse by hostile aggressive parents:

  • Bedwetting and trouble sleeping
  • Changes in personality or behavior when with the alienated parent
  • Overly quiet or reserved when with either parent
  • Anxiety and unnecessary worry about home life and their parent’s wellbeing
  • Running away from the alienated parent’s home during visitation
  • Cutting or other self harming behaviors
  • Depression and changes in social behaviors
  • In extreme cases, thoughts of suicide

Can only parents be hostile aggressive to children?

No, definitely not! Hostile aggressive parenting, although it contains the term “parenting” is not exclusive to parents. Anyone who is a caregiver for a child can manipulate and emotionally abuse that child. This can include grandparents, legal guardians, foster parents, caregivers, stepparents, and anyone else who takes care of the child and has authority over them.

Are your children being abused by a hostile aggressive parent?

If you believe your ex, or soon-to-be-ex is emotionally abusing your children, you need to call your attorney immediately at 866 766 5245! Our highly skilled attorneys understand exactly what’s involved in these sorts of situations. We handle hundreds of divorces each year, and also defend countless parents against allegations of abuse, so we know how to help you protect yourself and your children. And join us next time to continue this discussion on hostile aggressive parenting! You won’t be sorry!