“Get a New Daddy” – A Song About Making False Accusations of Abuse

October 6, 2017 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Music has a huge impact on people. It can change your mood, influence your ideas, and inform your choices.

There was a time, before everything and anything became available online, when purchasing a  copy of the Anarchist Cookbook would get you put on an FBI list. Why? Because while many people who bought and read it, did so for curiosity’s sake, there were those who actually learned something.. and put that information to use. Which is a good lesson in why certain things can be so dangerous. Because it only takes one person to use that information to achieve a disastrous end. And in the case of false accusations of child abuse, the result truly is a disaster!

While the Anarchist’s Cookbook is no longer the scandalous sensation it once was, we can’t say the same for a particular YouTube video that has been making the rounds for the last decade or so. With over a million views, The Whitest Kids U Know’s song “Get a New Daddy” borders on being one of the most unethical and dangerous songs we’ve ever heard. If that seems like an overreaction from a bunch of attorneys, you only have to consider the number of falsely accused parent‘s we’ve defended over the years, to know why this song is so upsetting to us. Once you’ve heard more, we think you’ll agree with our outrage.

The songs opens with the singer sympathizing with kids whose parents make them go to school, clean their rooms, and do their homework. He goes to on suggest something that he says he wished he’d known at their age…

“Next time you’re angry and you want to fight back

Just tell your teacher daddy likes to play with your sack.

And you can get a new daddy

Get a new daddy

Police will take the old one away in a caddy”

Other suggestions include taking nude pictures of yourself and hiding them in your father’s sock drawer, and allowing your mother to have a mental breakdown after having two of her husbands arrested for child sexual abuse. We understand that the song was made to be funny, and that for many people, shock value and controversy are important factors in garnering a fan base. However, we also understand that most children don’t make those distinctions.

There are no safeguards built in online. A child on YouTube has as much access to sing-along-songs for kids, as they do to pornography and other inappropriate content. The only filter is their parents, many of whom don’t realize what their children are watching. So while we know that this song was likely made for an adult audience, the truth is that countless children have probably watched it as well.

All it takes is one. One child to decide that it might be worth trying. One child to assume that it might be funny to see if it works. One child to assume that the police won’t really take their daddy away because it was all a joke…. False allegations of sexual abuse are never a joke. Cops and Children’s Protective Services never assume that it was just a child messing around or trying to get revenge on their parents. They will always assume that the molestation is real. Which is why this song is potentially so dangerous! There are hundred or maybe thousands of fathers sitting in prison today based on false accusations. That’s one reason this song is so offensive.

At The Kronzek Firm we understand that there is always another side to the story. That things are really what they seem. And we know how heartbreaking it can be for a parent to be falsely accused of a sex crime against a child. Which is why we have made it our business to be dedicated and aggressive parent advocates. So if you or a loved one have been falsely accused of abusing a child in any way, call us immediately at 866 766 5245. We are here to help you! We’ve been fighting false accusations on behalf of Michigan parents for decades. We can help you too.