Genesee County Child Abuse Charges

February 24, 2016 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Flint Man Charged With Child Abuse


Cameron Wells, a 27-year-old Flint resident, has been charged with multiple counts of child abuse and assault with intent to murder for allegedly beating his girlfriend’s two toddlers. But according to the father of the two little boys, this isn’t a new phenomena, and he has been trying to get CPS to intervene for months. But he says it took this tragedy to finally get them to notice.


Police records reveal that officers were dispatched to a home in Flint for a child-related medical emergency, where a 1-year-old was found to be unresponsive. When emergency responders arrived, the baby was in a coma. He was rushed to a local hospital where medical staff determined that the injuries were consistent with child abuse.


Because of the possibility of child abuse, CPS workers were dispatched to get the other two children living in the home. These two, aged 2- and 4-years-old, were also transported to the hospital where they were evaluated and discovered to have multiple injuries as well. The 1-year-old who was first admitted had quite a few bruises on his body, several broken teeth, a skull fracture, and brain trauma. The 2-year-old, who was brought in later, also had a fractured skull, and a head injury. As of yet, there is no word on the 4-year-old’s health or condition.


Wells, who had been babysitting the children at the time while the children’s mother was at work, was immediately suspected of child abuse. He was arrested and has since been arraigned on six felony charges, including two counts of assault with intent to murder, two counts of first degree child abuse, and two counts of first degree child abuse in the presence of another child.


But according to the children’s father, Nathan Beck, all of this was avoidable, if only CPS had listened to him. According to information he shared with the media, he has been trying to get custody of his sons since he and the children’s mother ended their relationship eight months ago. But to no avail.


He said that he has made numerous attempts to get CPS to investigate the boys’ living situation. He also claims that he has reported a number of different allegations of child abuse, hoping that CPS would pursue the matter. But before now, nothing was done. All he wants, he told media in an interview outside the Genesee Courthouse, is justice for his children.
Under Michigan law, all six of the felonies that Wells is facing are very serious charges, punishable by up to life in prison. If convicted on any of these six counts, there is a very real possibility that Wells will live out the rest of his days behind bars.