Fowlerville Child Abuse: Man Jailed for Harsh Spanking

October 23, 2014 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

26-year-old Travis Glass was initially sentenced on October 1st for abusive treatment of his then-girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter. But after discovering that Glass made several inappropriate comments about his former partner while waiting in the holding cell, District Court Judge Carol Sue Reader chose to vacate that sentence and study the case further before imposing a new sentence.

At the later sentencing hearing, after having familiarized herself with the facts and individuals involved in the case, Judge Reader expressed her displeasure at both Glass and his girlfriend. “This is not how you discipline a 2-year-old!” she told Glass, “If I could put (the mother) in jail, I would. She went along with what you did. It looks like the child was in a bar fight (from) the bruising on the buttocks.”

According to Fowlerville Police, Glass spanked the little girl on her buttocks in such a manner that he left bruises. The police report from the July incident described the injuries as “significant”. Corroborating this evidence is a doctor from the University of Michigan Medical Center’s Child Protection Team, who explained that the “bilateral patterned bruising” on the toddler’s buttocks were indicative of physical abuse.

“You can never, ever, ever treat someone this way again,” Judge Reader admonished both Glass and the little girl’s mother. But it seems that this admonishment may go unheeded. Witnesses say that while the mother looked sufficiently solemn and contrite while in the courtroom, she was seen to smile as she left the court, and was overheard to say “Ha!” as she walked out.

Court records from a current neglect and abuse case pending against the mother indicate that she had no problem with Glass’ treatment of her child, calling it “not that big of a deal.” and saying that she had been present in the past when Glass hit her on other occasions.

But with regard to these particular charges, the mother was “not subjected to criminal liability,” according to Prosecutor William Vailliencourt, as the police investigation had found that Glass was the perpetrator of the criminal act, not the mother, and that she was not present during this particularly harsh spanking in July.

Currently the juvenile court has jurisdiction over the child, who is living with her father at this time. The court has allowed her mother supervised visitation rights, although the information was publicized during the most recent hearing that the mother is now once again in a relationship with the father of her child.