Former Teacher Arrested in Michigan Faces New Abuse Charges

December 4, 2014 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Kenneth Jehle, a 54-year-old former middle school special education teacher, has been arrested and charged with child abuse, for allegedly inappropriately touching a student. What is disconcerting is the fact that this is not a new phenomena in Jehle’s personal history.

Jehle, who is originally from New Mexico, was fired from his teaching position at Taft Middle School in Albuquerque earlier this year. He apparently touched a 13-year-old student in an inappropriate way. Court documents say he dropped a lip gloss in the girl’s lap, and then touched her groin area while removing his hand. Apparently instances of inappropriate physical contact happened on a number of occasions with this student.

After his arrest, many parents came forward, claiming that they had harbored concerns for years. They had attempted on multiple occasions to request that the school intervene. Jehle was known among students for making them uncomfortable and overstepping the boundaries in ways that upset both students and parents.

But this is not the first time Jehle has been in these types of situations. According to the most recent round of abuse charges, Jehle is said to have made a 12-year-old girl watch him touch himself while at home in Albuquerque about five or six years ago.

It is not clear how Jehle came to be in Michigan after his arrest in New Mexico earlier this year, or even why he was here to begin with. However, authorities say that he has family here and may have been staying in the mitten state with them.

Michigan State Police officers arrested Jehle in Lake Township, when a new warrant was issued on the new allegations of abuse. After his arrest, MSP investigators removed a number of digital media files, along with a computer and a cell phone, from the house where he was staying. They have declined to reveal whether or not the confiscated items pertain to the charges out of New Mexico, or new charges out of Michigan.

Jehle will be extradited out of Michigan back to New Mexico to face charges. According to Jehle’s arrest warrant, he is facing twelve charges, which include contributing to the delinquency of a minor and multiple counts of child abuse.