Former Convicted Child Abuser Advocates For Prevention Efforts

April 24, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
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Elijah Dillard was beaten to death by his step father. His mother, now out of prison, is raising awareness for domestic abuse victims.

They say there’s no greater advocate for quitting smoking than a former smoker. And that theory certainly seems to apply in this case to a specific mom from Saginaw who was recently released from prison after serving a sentence for Second Degree Child Abuse.

If you follow our blog then you’ll probably remember the Elijah Dillard story, which was heartbreaking in that 6-year-old Elijah was beaten to death by his adoptive father, Aki Dillard. His mother, Mio Campbell did nothing to stop the abuse, and as a result was convicted of child abuse, lost parental rights to her daughter, and served time in prison.

But she’s out now, and hoping to raise awareness about domestic abuse.

According to the Judge who presided over her trial, Campbell failed to do a parent’s “number one responsibility” – and that is to protect your child from harm. After four years behind bars, Campbell says she’s had a lot of time to think about what happened, and she agrees with the Judge. She failed her son by failing to protect him, although she also admits that doing so would have cost her her life.

But she’s not out to get anyone’s sympathy, Campbell says. What she does want though, is to raise awareness about the issue of abusive relationships, and how difficult it is to get out when you’re trapped in a cycle of violence. People whose partners abuse them and their children are often too afraid to leave, and too afraid to stand up for themselves or their kids. The results, as you know, can be tragic.

Campbell has teamed up with family members to help other victims of abuse.

After Campbell and Dillard were sentenced, Ta-Tanesha Jiles and her former husband Omarr Dillard (Aki Dillard’s brother) teamed up to keep Elijah’s name alive by raising awareness of domestic and child abuse. The couple started mentoring programs, as well as after-school programs for kids. They even named a youth dance group and basketball team after Elijah.

Upon her release, Campbell teamed up with Jiles to create Embrace Your Voice and Break Your Silence, a non-profit organization aimed at raising awareness for child and sexual abuse. Campbell, who says she was as much a victim of abuse as her children, says that her goal is “pretty much to help out other women who are currently, or were, in my position.”

Failure to protect can result in serious charges in Michigan!

Being accused of failing to protect your children is a very serious crime in Michigan. You can be charged with child abuse, lose parental rights to your children, and end up behind bars, even if you’re a victim yourself! So please understand that “I was too scared!” or “He said he would kill me if I got in the way!” isn’t considered to be an acceptable excuse, either by the police, or by CPS!

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