Flint Abuse and Torture Charges

April 3, 2015 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Neighbor Reports Child Abuse

44-year-old Joshua Robert Demott of Flint has been charged with first degree child abuse, torture, and also first degree child abuse in the presence of another child. These are very serious charges and could result in a lifetime spent in prison. But in the wake of a neighbor’s tips to police, and a mounting collection of damning evidence… if it proves to be true than Demott will be lucky if he doesn’t spend life in prison.¬†

According to police records, they were contacted by hospital staff at Hurley Medical Center because of possible abuse. A 2-year-old boy had been brought in with multiple fractured bones, all of the damage at least a month old. He also had multiple bruises.

Apparently CPS had already been made aware of the situation and had just begun an investigation into possible ongoing abuse. They had received a tip from one of Demott’s neighbors that he was abusing a toddler living in his home. And the ensuing investigation brought some very troubling allegations to light.

The 2-year-old boy, his two older sisters, and their mother all moved into Demott’s house in late January. But things went south very quickly from there. The children were forced to wear coats as the home sometimes had no heat, and on occasion, no running water either.

According to the petition filed in Genesee Juvenile Court by CPS, Demott allegedly beat the boy quite badly following a toilet training accident, and also rubbed icy-hot on his groin. He also rubbed the child’s face into the urine soaked rug hard enough to cause facial contact burns.

In addition, Demott allegedly told the two girls that should they be questioned by anyone, they were to tell authorities that they were dumb and didn’t understand anything. Apparently the mother did attempt to prevent the abuse but Demott raised his fist and threatened to punch her.

The three children have been removed by CPS and are currently in the custody of the state. Their mother has been permitted to see them during three supervised one-hour visits per week. She is not currently facing charges, but police have pointed out that the investigation is ongoing and that may yet change.

Demott, who has a criminal history that includes assault and maintaining a drug house, was recently arraigned in the Flint District Court. He is facing  torture charges, first-degree child abuse charges and first-degree child abuse in the presence of another child charges. According to police records, he was on probation at the time of his arrest. His preliminary exam has been scheduled for April 7th.