Don’t Get Drunk or High While Caring For Your Kids!

September 5, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
A man passed out at a table with an almost empty bottle of alcohol sitting next to him.
It’s no surprise you’re not allowed to drive or do much else when you’re intoxicated. It’s because you’re more likely to screw it up!

It’s not illegal to have a few drinks and let your hair down, so to speak. In fact, it’s not even against the law to stay home and get blind drunk, as long as you’re not driving anywhere. And now that weed is legal in Michigan, it’s not even illegal to sit around and get high (as long as you’re old enough and your stash is locked up tight!) But where it gets tricky is when your intoxication level impairs your ability to function, and puts other people at risk. That’s when it becomes a potential problem.

One Detroit mom learned that lesson the hard way!

22-year-old Jaila Thomas has been charged with Involuntary Manslaughter and Second Degree Child Abuse after finding her 18-day-old newborn floating face down in the bathtub. Thomas was alone in her apartment, drinking on a Monday morning when she discovered her baby, unresponsive in the tub. She called 911 and EMTs pronounced the little girl dead at the scene. But how on earth did a newborn baby get into the tub? 

Thomas admits to being “a little drunk” that day…

Although Thomas doesn’t admit to doing anything to hurt her baby, investigators interviewed her and she admitted that no one else had been with her that day. She was alone with the baby, and in her own words: “a little drunk.” But since no one else was around, the only explanation that detectives have been able to come to, is that Thomas attempted to bathe her baby and then simply… forgot partway through the process? Got distracted, maybe? Either way, the baby was put into the bathtub, and then left there to drown. 

The Wayne County Prosecutor says she’s horrified by this case.

According to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who released a statement to the media about the incident, the alleged facts in this case are ‘appalling’.  “This baby was only in this world for eighteen days.” she stated, “Do I really have to say this? Don’t attempt to care for any infant when you are intoxicated. This shouldn’t happen if a person is ‘a little intoxicated. Please don’t do it.”

Intoxication makes it hard to care for children properly

There’s a reason companies don’t allow their employees to come to work drunk or high. They’re the same reasons there are laws against drunk driving, and driving while you’re under the influence of drugs. It’s because when your brain in full of booze, or full of drugs, you can’t function properly. Intoxicated people often struggle to finish tasks. They get distracted, forget what they were doing, and sometimes even pass out in the middle of events. All of this makes caring for children when you’re under the influence very difficult, and very dangerous.

Drugs (even legal ones) and parenting aren’t a good mix!

In the same way that we regularly encourage the readers of our DUI blogs to stay sober if they’re going to drive, we’d like to remind you all that good parenting doesn’t mix with intoxication. It’s too hard to keep your kids safe when you’re impaired, and that’s when accidents (and tragedies) are more likely to happen. But if you’ve already made a mistake and need help figuring out what to do, call 866 766 5245 and talk to our skilled and experienced child abuse defense attortneys. We’re here to help.