Did Your Child Get Hurt With a Babysitter? You Can Still Get Charged!

August 8, 2018 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Kid with babysitter
Even if your child is with a sitter, you can still be blames for accidents!

Hearing about a parent who gets investigated by CPS or the police because a child they were caring for was hurt may be sad, but it makes sense in it’s own way. After all, if they were the parent “on duty” at the time, then it makes sense that they would be the person of interest in an investigation if a child gets hurt.

But what about if they weren’t actually caring for the injured child at the time? What happens if they weren’t even there when tragedy struck? Should they still be held accountable if someone else was watching the child? The answer, at least according to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office in Detroit, is yes!

The story is tragic, but who exactly is to blame for the tragedy?

A mother is being charged for her baby’s death in Detroit. The little girl, 11-month-old Ca’mya Davis, is said to have fallen through a hole in the bedroom floor of her house and into the basement below, where there was standing water and sewerage.

Police say there were heavy rains the night before the incident, however they aren’t sure if the basement was already flooded, or if the rains caused the flooding. Either way, investigators say that both Ca’mya’s mother – Dasiah Jordan, and the babysitter who was watching the little girl at the time – 28-year-old Tonya Peterson, knew about the unsafe conditions in the house.

The little girl was in the care of a babysitter at the time.

According to police, the little girl roamed around the house unattended, before falling through the hole in the floor and drowning. Peterson called 911, and when EMTs arrived at the house they started CPR and took Ca’mya to a local hospital. However, she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Despite the fact that Jordan wasn’t even home at the time, and her daughter was being cared for by a babysitter, she is facing criminal charges. The Wayne County Prosecutor’s office has charged Jordan with Manslaughter and Second Degree Child Abuse, both of which are very serious felonies.

Why is the mother being blamed?

According to investigators, Jordan knew about the unsafe conditions in her home, but did nothing to keep her daughter safe. However Jordan argues that it was the job of the babysitter, who was watching her daughter at the time, to keep the little girl safe and ensure that she didn’t wander about in unsafe rooms unattended.

This is a complex case, and it will be interesting to see how it pans out. However, as experienced child abuse defense attorneys, we can confidently say that without the help of a skilled defense attorney who has experience with these sorts of cases, this mom is fighting a major battle, and we can only hope she gets the right help!

Do you need help with accusations of child abuse or neglect in Michigan?

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