Detroit’s “Freezer Mom” Gets Life

July 23, 2015 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

“Freezer Mom” Mitchell Blair, the single mother who murdered two of her four children and stored their bodies in a chest freezer near the front door of her apartment, was recently sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. However Blair did tell the judge that she would gladly have accepted the death penalty, had it been available. But because Michigan does not kill it’s prisoners, Blair will have to learn to live with what she has done.

Although, to hear her tell it, that shouldn’t be a hardship for her. Blair told the judge in court that she had no regrets about what she did to 13-year-old Stoni and 9-year-old Steven, even going so far as to say that if she had the chance, she would do it again. She did admit that killing Stephen had been an accident, but that she was proud to have beaten him to death and would do it again without a moment’s regret. She was convinced that both children were “demons”.

According to Blair’s testimony in prior court hearings, Blair claimed that the reason she killed her two children was that they had sexually assaulted her youngest son. But since Blair admitted that she had never personally witnessed any of the alleged assaults, and had never reported them to authorities, there is no record of the events. In addition, police were not able to find any evidence to corroborate this claim, so it remains a case of two death sentences based solely on Blair’s claims alone.

One of a mother’s primary duties, said Wayne County Circuit Judge Dana Hathaway, is to protect her children. And according to the judge, Blair failed “in the worst way possible”. The fact that her children lived in fear of her was cause for such sadness, the judge explained. “You imposed the death penalty on your own children!” she said, and Blair agreed, saying, “I did.”

Prior to her sentencing, Blair addressed the court, talking for 6 minutes about her struggles as a single mother who had no support from the fathers of her children. Most of her anger she apparently directed at Alexander Dorsey and his family members. Dorsey is the father of Stoni and Blair’s eldest daughter, who is currently 17.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services is actively involved in a bid to terminate Blair’s parental rights, along with those of the two fathers, Dorsey and Steven Berry. Both fathers, who owe thousands in outstanding child support payments and almost never visited their children, are fighting to maintain their parental rights.

The two remaining children, who according to the judge lived in a “House of Horrors”, are now living with an aunt. It remains to be seen where they will finally be placed, but we will keep you updated on this case as new information is made available.

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