Delta County, Michigan: Check The Box to Help Fight Child Abuse!

February 14, 2018 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Tax papers
Be sure to check the box if you live in Delta County, to help local families and prevent child abuse!

It’s tax time again! And this year, with tax season comes an opportunity to do some good in your community! At least, for the residents of Delta County, who have the option to check the box on Form 4642 on their Michigan 2017 state income tax returns. Why would they do that, you wonder? Because Delta County is providing all residents with a chance to help fight child abuse!

How can you help and get involved?

So how could you, as a Delta County resident, make a difference for children in your community? Simple. The Welcome Newborns program of Delta County has launched their “check the box” program, which is aimed at encouraging county citizens to donate a portion of their tax refund to helping prevent child abuse and neglect.

How will this money help children in the area? According to Lannie Berg, Welcome Newborns program coordinator, “Every child deserves our protection. No task is as important as keeping our children safe from harm. Unfortunately, too many children fall victim to neglect and abuse by the very people they trust to keep them safe.” And how exactly does Welcome Newborns plan to reduce child abuse and child neglect in Delta County? By using one of the greatest resources available to us – education!

What does Welcome Newborns do for people in Delta County?

Raising a child is hard, and coping with the stress of a new baby is very challenging, especially for young parents, or parents with no support system in place. One of the greatest tools a parent has is information, equipping them for the challenges ahead, and providing them with coping skills for rough times. Which is exactly what Welcome Newborns does. By offering free classes to expectant parents, the program helps parents-to-be prepare for what lies ahead.

Other resources given to parents who enroll in the program include:

  • A tote bag full of information on the development of their baby,
  • Information about the importance of immunizations,
  • Parenting tips and helpful hints for stressful situations,
  • Information about the importance of reading to your baby,
  • Information on the effects of secondhand smoke on children,
  • A list of available community resources for families living in Delta County
  • A monthly newsletter detailing the changes in their developing baby, with tips for handling challenges expected at that specific age and developmental period.

What kind of donations do they need?

How much is the program asking for from area residents? In truth, there’s no dollar amount attached to the request. As Berg says, “Contributions can be for as little as five dollars, or they can be more. Every dollar makes a difference.” If you want to contribute, check line 3 of Form 4642, which is labelled ‘The Children’s Trust Fund – Supporting and Strengthening Families in Michigan.’

So if you would like to see fewer children at risk of being abused, and more parents equipped and strengthened for the challenges of raising children in your community, this is a great way to help out! If you don’t live in Delta County, there are countless other organizations around Michigan, supporting families and child safety, that could benefit from your generosity this tax season.