Convicted Child Murderer Accused Of Abusing His Infant Daughter

January 1, 2017 Abuse and Neglect Attorney



What makes this case different from so many other similar cases, is the fact that this scenario is not new to him. Keck served many years in prison for the 1993 murder of his infant daughter, when he was 16 years of age.


According to court documents, the initial incident took place on December 14th, 1993 in Monroe County. Apparently Keck’s 3-month-old daughter, Toni Joann Keck, died as a result of blunt force trauma to the stomach. On April 20th, 1994, he pleaded no contest to a second-degree murder charge. Although Keck was only 16 at the time, he was sentenced as an adult. On August 30th, 2013, Keck was released from prison, and remained on parole until August 8th 2015.


With regard to the most recent case, police records show that law enforcement was notified about a possible child abuse scenario on March 3rd, 2016. According to Richmond police, they were contacted by doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. Keck and his girlfriend had brought their 3-month-old daughter to the emergency room with severe injuries. Medical examination revealed that the baby had sustained a broken femur and a broken skull.


According to Richmond Police Chief David Teske, medical staff was convinced that the injuries were not accidental. They also claimed that all of the injuries were fresh, with no signs of healing, which meant that the alleged abuse was very recent. Officers began an investigation into the family, and contacted CPS, who also opened an investigation into Keck and his live-in girlfriend.


Keck is now facing First Degree Child Abuse Charges. Under Michigan law, this felony is punishable by up to life in prison. His girlfriend, however, is not facing any charges as of now. In addition, court records show that the couple have both lost their parental rights to two of the three children that were living with them at the time of the incident.


This includes the injured infant and a 2-year-old, who were both the couple’s biological children. An 11-year-old girl that Keck’s girlfriend had from a previous relationship was not removed from the mother’s care. According to court documentation, the two children have been placed with relatives.


Keck is currently being held in the Macomb County jail on a $150,000 cash surety bond. His arraignment took place in the 42nd District Court in Romeo, on December 12th. His preliminary examination is scheduled for 9 am on February 1st. Law enforcement involved with the case have expressed frustrations about how long it took for the investigation to bear fruit. This is in part, they say, because there was so much medical paperwork and doctor’s reports that had to be generated in order for the prosecutor to file charges.

While we don’t know how this case will be handled, or what decisions Keck will make in the future, we believe that his criminal history is very likely to influence the outcome. Given that Keck served time for violently abusing an infant and causing her death in the past, the prosecutor may not be willing to work out a plea agreement, and should the case go to trial, the jury may have little sympathy for Keck’s situation. Either way, we will keep you updated as this case develops.