Child Abuse Pediatricians: What Happens When They Get it Wrong? (Pt 2)

October 9, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
A bird's eye view of a doctor sitting at a desk, talking to someone in a suit and showing them something on a laptop.

Welcome back and thanks for joining us again. We’ve been discussing Child Abuse Pediatricians, and what happens to families when they misdiagnose injuries and symptoms in children as abuse. As we shared with you in the previous article, the story of the Timmerman family in Houston, Texas, provides a very clear example of what can happen when a CAP gets a diagnosis wrong, and an innocent family is falsely accused and dragged through the mud.

It usually starts with a doctor making a false diagnosis…

Any time a doctor calls to report suspected child abuse or neglect, CPS gets involved. But what happens when the doctor is wrong? What about when doctors make mistakes or don’t examine all of the possible causes of an injury before jumping to a conclusion? In the case of Child Abuse Pediatricians, they usually step into a situation where there is usually already a suspicion that a child has been intentionally harmed. So they often come to the table already having made assumptions about those parents. And now all they have to do is prove it. Or not…

The word of a CAP is often all the proof needed to make the allegations.

Deep investigation into the situation reveals that many CPS workers, who don’t have any medical training themselves and often don’t feel comfortable making medical assessments, tend to rely on whatever the resident CAP claims. In some cases, CPS workers have even reported disagreeing with the CAP, but didn’t feel they were free to exert that opinion. And so they went with the path of least resistance, and pursued the allegations, fighting against families who were later (at great expense to themselves) proven innocent!

The same thing happens here in Michigan all the time!

Case history here in Michigan is full of examples of children who have been assumed to be abused, even when there is no evidence to support those claims, and families have been torn apart as a result. If you follow our blog (or even just read the news) then you’ve probably heard of Dr Bethany Mohr who works at Mott’s Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor. Mohr has made so many false accusations over the years that she has actually developed a reputation as a “medical kidnapper”! So many children have been taken from their parents as a result of Mohr’s erroneous claims!

If you’re accused by a CAP you need to prepare for a full-scale war!

Being accused of abusing your child buy the very people who were supposed to be helping you has got to be one of the worst experiences a parent could have! But here at The Kronzek Firm, our experienced abuse and neglect defense team have gone head to head with Dr. Mohr’s team (and many other CAPS practicing in Michigan) many times in the past and had successful outcomes. We know exactly how to handle these types of cases. So call us today at 866 766 5245, and protect your family from medical kidnapping. We’re here for you!