Child Abuse is a Growing Problem Here in Michigan, Kids Count Report Says

May 1, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Man abusing child
According to the kids count report, Michigan has a growing problem with child abuse, although child poverty is getting better.

Kids Count Data Center, the nation’s premier source for data on child and family well-being in the U.S., gathers data from all across the country. Using this, they work to present an accurate picture of the health and wellbeing of children in every state. The 2019 Kids Count in Michigan data is in, and unfortunately for our marvelous mitten, it isn’t looking good.

If the numbers are true, then Michigan children may be in a better place when if comes to poverty, but from a child abuse standpoint, we’re getting worse! While there have definitely been improvements in several areas in recent years, Michigan consistently ranks in the bottom half of states in Kids Count rankings. Additionally, many kids face significant challenges, based on their race or ethnicity, their parent’s income, and where they live.

Child poverty is getting better, but child abuse is getting worse!

According to the Michigan League For Public Policy who released the report, the key findings for 2019 are:

  • The rate of confirmed victims of child abuse and neglect rose by 30 percent from 2008; with disproportionate impacts on children of color.
  • Overall, child deaths have dropped only slightly in Michigan, from an average of 684 in 2010-12, to an average of 630 in 2014-16.
  • More than one in five Michigan children has experienced two or more adverse experiences, which are stressful or traumatic, and will impact long-term health.
  • MSTEP testing shows that nearly 56% of third-graders tested below proficiency in reading across the state in 2017-18, which is up from 49.9 percent in 2014-15

How do we get these numbers? And what do they mean for Michigan?

This data is compiled by analyzing sixteen very specific indicators, including economic security, health and safety, family and community, and education. Because child abuse is considered to be one of the greatest factors in determining a child’s mental and physical health, which directly impacts their life through adulthood, it’s a cause for great concern. The fact that most counties in Michigan are showing increased child abuse rates is very disturbing.

What can we do to overcome these problems?

Thankfully, Kid’s Count does more than just point out the problems. The report also makes several recommendations which they suggest the state of Michigan implement as soon as possible, in order to specifically reduce the rising rates of child abuse:

  • Ensure access to affordable, high-quality child care by expanding income eligibility levels for subsidies and increasing provider reimbursement rates.
  • Promote comprehensive strategies to prevent child abuse and neglect, including investments in job training and child care as well as home visitation programs.

Being accused of child abuse is devastating!

As experienced Michigan child abuse defense attorneys, we understand how hard it can be to raise a child properly, especially when your life circumstances are far from ideal. As parents, we know the challenges that moms and dads face nowadays in raising happy, healthy children. So for those of you whose life circumstances have resulted in unfortunate claims of abuse or neglect, we’re here to help. Call us today at 866 766-5245, and let the pros help you fight for your freedom and your family’s future.