Child Abuse Allegations Can Have Life Altering Consequences

March 5, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
Suicidal person
When you’re accused of child abuse, even if it’s not true, it can be devastating. And some people simply weren’t able to shoulder the life-altering burden it brings.

Earlier in February, a 3-month-old baby boy was found unresponsive at his daycare. He was rushed to Promedica Children’s Hospital in Toledo just south of the Michigan border, where medical professionals determined that the infant has suffered a severe brain injury. Doctors at Promedica reached out to Michigan State Police to report what they suspected was child abuse, and MSP opened an investigation.

The daycare where the alleged abuse took place was called Live, Laugh, & Learn Daycare. Located in in Monroe Township, the daycare was owned and run by Jamie Vanslambruck, who was contacted by MSP detectives. Vanslambruck figured out pretty quickly what the investigation was about, and what it would mean for her future and her business. A mere two days later she was found dead “of a self inflicted injury.”

Child abuse allegations can destroy a person’s life.

As a daycare owner, Vanslambruck probably knew that even a rumor of child abuse would destroy her business. And she was right. When you work with kids, whether it’s as a daycare provider, a teacher, or a coach, any allegations of abuse or neglect can ruin any chances you have of ever working in that field again. No one would trust you. No business would be willing the risk the fury of their clients by hiring you. You would be stuck without work, and without a viable income.

Some crimes, like embezzlement or drunk driving, will earn you the disapproval of the community you live in, and may jeopardise your future. But some crimes are nothing short of radioactive. Sex crimes and child abuse, for example. These kinds of crimes can leave you with a life-long label (even if you’re not guilty) that can ruin your reputation forever, make you a pariah in your community, and make it practically impossible to get a decent job.

Defamation of character is almost as bad as prison!

This may sound extreme, but we’ve heard it from so many of our clients over the years. They may not be locked up, but they’re trapped in hell and there’s nothing they can do about it. Having your name splashed about in the news tied to words like “child abuse” can change the way people in your community see you. It can cost you your job, and make it very hard for you to have normal relationships with your friends and family.

Vanslambruck is not the first person to take their own life when faced with allegations of child abuse. It’s tragic but true. Even when you’re completely innocent, the struggle to reclaim your name and salvage your future can seem overwhelming. But don’t give up hope! You aren’t alone. At The Kronzek Firm, our experienced child abuse defense attorneys have helped many Michigan families over the years, to regain their lives, and put all this sorrow and anguish behind them. We can help you too. So call 866 766 5245 right now and talk to someone who understands what you’re up against, and how best to fight and win.