Charges Dropped in Abusive Spanking Case

July 14, 2015 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Elizabeth Singler, a married mother to six children with another one on the way, is a very relieved mom. And she has good reason to be. Back in November of last year, Singler was accused of “over-spanking” one of her children. Spangler is alleged to have used a wooden paddle to spank one of her children, leaving bruises on the child’s buttocks.

She was arrested and charged with third degree felony child abuse and domestic violence, a high court misdemeanor. She was facing up to two years in prison. But days before her jury trial for the alleged abusive spanking was scheduled to commence, the charges against her were dropped.

But this is where it gets a little bit murky. According to numerous media sources, the Crawford County prosecutor agreed to drop the charges against Singler if she was willing to give up custody. And that is all that’s said on the matter. No further details.

But that leaves much open to speculation. Custody of the spanked child only? Custody of all her children, or just the children to whom she is a step-mom courtesy of her marriage to their father, Aaron Singler?  Singler, along with her husband, parents a blended family living in Mio. Currently that family consists of six children under the age of ten, with another child on the way. As of yet, that information is not available, and we have found that it is sometimes best not to speculate.

Singler runs an online business called Mama Can Do IT, which sells sewing patterns for women’s and children’s clothing, along with cloth diapers and a host of other child-rearing items.

This is not the only allegedly abusive spanking case that has made headlines in recent months, and it is unlikely to be the last. Corporal punishment of children is a very controversial subject, with people on each side of the argument presenting very different, and very passionate, viewpoints. If you are faced with the possibility of a CPS investigation, or even a criminal investigation regarding your choice of discipline, contact us immediately. We are experts in this arena, and we can help you.