Beyond Abuse: Reasons CPS Can Take Your Children Away (Part 2)

February 7, 2017 Abuse and Neglect Attorney

child removal


Thank you for joining us again for the rest of this discussion on how the state is regulating parenting more and more in the current age  a fact that we believe is both sad and unacceptable. The government has no business interfering in how parents choose to raise their children, and the over reaching arm of CPS is so often out of line.


In the previous article we discussed the first two items on the list of reasons CPS can remove your children from your custody. Those were leaving your kids alone at home, and making medical decisions that CPS workers do not agree with. Moving on, we are going to wrap up the last two issues you need to watch out for!


Spare the rod, spoil the child

Although Michigan law states that a parent can use “reasonable force” to discipline a child, the yardstick by which “reasonable” is determined, is very fluid. In other words, what one person thinks is reasonable, another person can think is abuse.


So while you may legally spank your kids, bear in mind that you may to explain your choice to a CPS worker, and possibly a Judge. Even if you have never left a mark on your child, and rarely use spankings as a means of discipline, you still need to be careful. All your child has to do is mention to a teacher or daycare provider that their parent has “hit” them, and you could find your whole life under a CPS microscope.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Getting angry at your kids is standard fare for just about every parent on the planet. After all, kids tend to be rather shortsighted in their choices, and can be very demanding and frustrating. While we understand that children are relatively volatile and often struggle to manage their emotions, we would advise you to try not to allow this to get out of hand.


If your child is angry at you for punishing them or reprimanding them, perhaps try to talk to them calmly about what has happened in an attempt to diffuse the situation. A very angry child who believes that you have wronged them, even if the “wrong” was simply a form of discipline for poor choices, can retaliate against you by reporting you to CPS.


In addition, a perpetually angry child can be viewed by school teachers or coaches as suffering from depression, anxiety, or aggression. This can lead to a report of possible neglect or even emotional abuse. So be careful how you express your frustration to your children, or you could end up with CPS knocking at your door.


We hope this has been enlightening for you, if not a little unsettling. Parenting is becoming more and more a state-regulated aspect of daily life these days, which is a tragedy, as the government has no business telling parents how to care for and raise their children. So, if you or a loved one have been accused of abuse or neglect, or have a CPS agent knocking on your door, contact us immediately at 866 346 5879. The skilled and experienced CPS defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm have been successfully defending parental rights for decades. We are here for you!