Being Accused of Abuse Will Impact Your Career, Even if You’re Innocent! (Pt 2)

September 13, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
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There are many careers where any kind of allegation, even a false one, can have an impact on your future in that field.

Welcome back and thanks for joining us for this important discussion about how allegations of child abuse could ruin your career. We know it’s not a fun subject to read about or discuss, but it’s very important to know the facts. None of us have any idea what the future holds, and so the best you can do is be prepared for all eventualities. In this case, if you have the kind of job that requires a professional license, it’s important you understand how allegations of child abuse could impact not just your current job, but your entire future career!

Medical staff have very tight self-reporting deadlines in Michigan.

As we mentioned before, many professionals have to self-report any arrests or convictions within a certain period of time. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals are all required to report a conviction to the Health Regulation Division of the Michigan Bureau of Health Professions within 30 days. If the conviction is a felony (which many child abuse charges are!), or involves a controlled substance offense of any kind, their professional license is automatically suspended.

School employees have very strict self-reporting rules as well.

Here in Michigan, teachers have very limited time periods for reporting any child abuse charges filed against them. For example, the School Safety Act requires school employees and prospective employees report to both to the employing school district, and to the Michigan Department of Education within 3 business days of being arraigned for any felony charge (and even certain misdemeanor charges). Those same rules apply all over again when and if they’re convicted. 

Don’t try to hide it – you’ll only make it worse!

We get it. Your professional license requirements say you have to report an arrest or a conviction within a certain period of time. But you know the moment you make that info available to the licensing board, you’ll lose your ability to work. So wouldn’t it make more sense to just not say anything and hope they never find out? Nope! That’s a terrible idea. Because they’ll find out anyway, and the fact that you didn’t report when you should have will make it even worse for you! Never try to hide an arrest or conviction from your licensing board if your license requirements say you have to report it!

Make sure you get an excellent attorney to help you protect your career!

You might feel helpless right now, and the thought of losing your job is sickening – we understand. But you’re not without options. You can choose an excellent defense attorney who has experience defending against child abuse charges and knows how to help you protect your professional license. So if this sounds like your situation, call 866 766 5245 today and talk to one of the skilled and experienced defense attorneys at The Kronzek Firm. We’re available 24/7 to help.