Are Homeschooling Families Under Attack Again For Sensationalized Minority of Abusers?

May 8, 2019 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
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Some articles are written with the sole purpose of selling news – they have nothing to do with truth, or sharing relevant information.

Every time a child dies of neglect, the entire state undergoes a foster panic. Every time a member of the clergy is accused of child sexual assault, the entire church comes under attack. And every time a ‘homeschooled’ child is discovered to be the victim of abuse, the entire homeschooling community gets vilified.

We get it. It’s easy to lump everyone together, especially when you don’t actually know the details, or the stats involved. But the danger in that mindset is that all Germans become Nazis, all men become rapists, and all homeschoolers become violent abusers of children. Clearly, none of these are accurate. So you see, making sweeping generalizations can be dangerous. And where homeschoolers are concerned, that couldn’t be more true!

Lumping all homeschoolers together as abusers is a lie!

A recent Fox News article makes our point for us. The title: ‘House of Horrors’ child abuse cases reveal how offenders nationwide use homeschooling to hide their crimes says it all. The claim that home schooling families are actually violent and disturbed child abusers who use home schooling as a front for their atrocities is not a new one. But it’s no less heartbreaking. Because while a small percentage of parents who homeschool are abusive, there is also a percentage of parents whose kids attend public and private schools, who are abusive as well.

Larry Nassar was a child molester and a doctor, but that doesn’t make all doctors predators who sexually assault their minor patients. R Kelly is a musician who also sexually abused young girls, but that doesn’t mean every musician in the business is a pedophile. Mitchelle Blair (Detroit’s “freezer mom”) claimed to be homeschooling her children while in fact she was torturing and later murdering them. But that certainly doesn’t make every homeschooling parent in Michigan a violent child abuser!

Articles like this increase public fear and sensationalize child abuse!

The media serves a very important role in our democracy. Free speech is a very important right and we support that wholeheartedly. But this is a double edged sword, and there is a dark side to the media machine as well. In the name of selling subscriptions, many news outlets will create attention-grabbing headlines that aren’t entirely accurate, just to draw people in. Because it sells papers. And money is the name of the game, right? Which is exactly what we believe is happening here.

Unfortunately, in a situation like this, it’s the good and loving homeschooling parents that will suffer. A media frenzy means increased public backlash, which often leads to new legislation and tighter restrictions. And that will hamper the way loving parents who teach their kids at home set up curriculums, track their children’s progress, and structure their learning schedules. All in all, it’s unnecessary and frustrating, both for them and for their children.

Being accused of child abuse just because you homeschool is tragic!

Not all pennies are coins, so the saying goes. And not all homeschooling parents are child abusers! But according to the article in Fox News, they might well be! Which is a terrible and groundless accusation! No one should be accused of a crime they didn’t commit, especially when your freedom and your future are at stake! So call The Kronzek Firm at 866 766 5245 today and get the best protection available in central Michigan. We’re here 24/7 to help.