Allegations of Abuse Can Cost You Your Job, AND Your Livelihood!

February 25, 2020 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
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Being accused of child abuse is a horrible experience. The police (and sometimes CPS) invade your personal life. Loved ones could be interviewed. Your home might get searched. Your children may be taken away and grilled for answers. Sometimes you get arrested and end up facing criminal charges. Your life gets turned upside down, and it’s traumatic for everyone involved. But for some people – the people who work with children as part of their jobs – the consequences can be even more far-reaching.

Teachers, Daycare providers, and many others can lose their jobs!

If your job brings you into regular contact with children, then being charged with child abuse is likely to have an immediate negative impact on your work. A school can’t keep a teacher on the payroll if they’ve been accused of abusing a child. Daycare providers can’t keep taking children into their homes to care for if they’ve been charged with harming someone’s kid. And that goes for all the other people whose jobs bring them into regular contact with minors. Pediatric nurses, school principals, school bus drivers, social workers, juvenile justice attorneys, and many others would all lose their ability to do their jobs!

But losing your job isn’t all that’s on the line here!

Being suspended without pay, or worse – losing your job, is terrible. The last thing you need when you’re fighting allegations of abuse is to lose your income! But for many people in these professions, there’s more at risk than just their current jobs. Losing your license to do that work would mean not being able to get another job, now or ever, in that field again. And when that’s the only career you’ve ever had, it can be devastating to start all over again. The effects on your family and future finances can be detrimental in so many ways.

LARA can strip you of your professional license over allegations of abuse

When someone is accused of abusing or neglecting a child in connection with their job, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs investigates the allegations. If they believe that there’s any chance the person involved may have put a child at risk, they’ll suspend their professional license in a heartbeat. And if anything comes of those charges, you better believe that person is losing that license for good! So that means daycare providers who can never run a daycare again. Teachers who’ll never teach again. And pediatric nurses who’ll never help take care of little kids ever again. 

Protect your job, and your future livelihood, with help from an expert!

Hiring a highly skilled and widely respected child abuse defense attorney is about more than just avoiding criminal charges. It’s about protecting your reputation and your ability to earn a living. It’s about ensuring that your rights aren’t being violated, and that you don’t get railroaded. It’s about ensuring that false allegations don’t go unanswered, and law enforcement follows procedure and protocol the way they’re supposed to. So if you’ve been accused of abusing or neglecting a child, and you’re afraid that you might lose your job because of it, call 866 766 5245 right now and get help from the experts to defend your future.