Baby Dies During Detroit Child Abuse Investigation

May 31, 2017 Abuse and Neglect Attorney
A baby boy's mysterious death has left the family wondering what could have happened...
A baby boy’s mysterious death has left the family wondering what could have happened…


The mysterious death of a baby boy in Detroit has left one family reeling amidst accusations of abuse. The baby, identified simply as ‘Kass’ was being cared for by his grandmother, aunt and uncle while his mother was at work. When they discovered that he was struggling to breathe, the family rushed him to the hospital, but by then the clock was already counting down.


According to the hospital where Kass struggled with his life for a day and a half before finally succumbing to his injuries, the baby’s wounds were intentionally inflicted. But the family members he was with at the time say they have no idea how this could have happened. Demeka Griffin, Kass’ grandmother admits that she was asleep at the time that the injuries occurred, but insists that no one at the home has any idea how it happened.


Hospital staff say that Kass’ injuries were severe, both internally and externally. He was discovered to have a fractured skull, as well as other significant internal injuries. “That’s what the hospital said, but when we were here, he was perfectly fine!” Griffin told the media. “When he was here, he was crawling, playing, eating, everything.” She says that no one in the family knows how Kass was injured, and that it’s causing all of them a great deal of grief.


This case is both heartbreaking and very confusing. However, it isn’t the first case where a child has suffered injuries that leaves the family completely mystified. Over the years we have handled many cases where babies are hospitalized for one reason (often something simple) only to discover that there are other, previously unknown, injuries that will spark allegations of abuse and a CPS investigation.


Brittle bone disease is a classic example of this situation.


Osteogenesis imperfecta is a congenital bone disorder commonly characterized by very brittle bones that are prone to fracturing and breaking. It has been the cause of many child abuse investigations over the years and sadly, has probably resulted in several innocent parents being imprisoned when the investigation goes no further than the easiest assumption..


Another cause of unexplained injuries is siblings or other children in the home. Child-on-child abuse happens more often than you think, and can include almost any type of abuse. Although child-on-child abuse is often sexual in nature, it can include children harming other children out of anger, jealousy, fear and sometimes even mental or emotional disorders.


Sometimes the abuse was intentionally committed, but the abuser was a caregiver or babysitter, and the symptoms weren’t discovered until some time later when the child was back with their parents again. Sometimes it was nothing more than a tragic accident, like a fall, that was no one’s fault. Either way, there are many instances where children are harmed and their parents or caregivers are completely innocent of wrongdoing.


As child abuse and neglect defense attorneys, we see this all the time. Terrified parents battling a system that is stacked against them. Moms and dads accused of horrific things they would never do, and made to look like cruel and abusive parents by a CPS investigation. Police who haven’t investigated all of the options. It’s a tragic situation we are very familiar with, and one that we are well equipped to fight.


So if you or a loved one have been falsely accused of abusing or neglecting a child in Michigan, call us immediately at 866 766 5245. We have decades of experience fighting false allegations of abuse, and can help you preserve your future and your family in the face of lies and misunderstandings. Our skilled attorneys are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you make sound legal decisions.