Kim Savage

Kim's head shot

Kim works like a Trojan. She is dogged and determined and fierce in ways that few people are these days. It’s what carried her through the long training hours before she ran the Bayshore Marathon a few years ago, and what pushed her over the finish line at the end.

It’s also what kept her going when she was completing two master’s degrees while simultaneously attending law school and working full time. And in the not too distant future, it’s what will drive her down the full length of the Appalachian trail – a dream she’s determined to make a reality.

Talking about dreams, did you know it actually wasn’t always Kim’s dream to be a lawyer? At first, she was pretty certain she wanted to be a veterinarian. She’d been a member of her high school debate team and been really good at it. So when her dad told her she’d make a great attorney, she thanked him and headed off to college, where she was accepted into MSU’s vet college after only two years of undergrad, certain that she knew what she was doing. 

It only took two years for her to figure out that her dad had been right all along. She withdrew from veterinary school, finished her undergraduate degree in business, and applied to law school. She was offered a full scholarship to MSU Law School due to her exceptional grades and went on to get her Juris Doctorate. With three degrees under her belt, Kim began her legal career at Consumers Energy as a real estate and right of way attorney. Later on, Kim left Consumers to start her own practice, which she ran successfully for over ten years. In her own private practice, Kim represented lots of parents that we were fighting for their children. As time passed, she learned the nuances of doing battle for parents in many of the circuit courts in the lower peninsula of Michigan. 

One of the things Kim says she’s learned as a successful attorney is that hard work and preparation make all the difference to the outcome of a case. And outcomes matter a lot to Kim! She’s worked with countless families over the years, helping parents to protect their children’s best interests, and fiercely representing people accused of crimes in mid-Michigan. So the one thing she’s learned to fight hardest for is achieving the best possible outcome for her clients. It’s what gets her out of bed in the morning, and what carries her through the tough cases.

Kim is a mother, so she understands how valuable children are to their parents, and how important it is to keep families together whenever possible. As a CPS defense attorney at The Kronzek Firm, Kim uses every ounce of that fierce determination and dogged perseverance that have seen her through so many challenges, to help Michigan’s parents fight for their families. Because results matter, and because she understands what’s really important.