Cassandra Drysdale-Crown

If you’ve ever been around a child for more than five minutes, you’ve probably heard them ask ‘why?’ It’s a staple in most kids’ vocabulary, and they use it a lot. But for Cassandra, it was a state of being.


She turned the question ‘why’ into an art form at an early age, and she’s never stopped since. Decades later, she still wants to know all the answers, get to bottom of every mystery, and understand every aspect of every case.


It’s part of how she knew she would become an attorney. That, and a trip to Mt.Vernon and Washington D.C with her family. She was still in grade school, but the first time Cassandra laid eyes on the Declaration of Independence and learned about the first Continental Congress, she knew she wanted to be an advocate and an attorney.


After high school Cassandra went on to get her law degree at Michigan State University College of Law, although it was called the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University at the time. She got her first job as a counselor and legal advocate for victims of sexual and domestic violence, and then worked for several other law firms before finally settling in at The Kronzek Firm. And we couldn’t be happier to have her!


Cassandra is a woman of many skills. She’s an excellent attorney, the mother of twin teenage boys (which is a whole entire category of awesome all by itself) and an avid hiker who does 10 mile hikes at least once weekly. In fact, she’s such an outdoor enthusiast, that if you ask her where her favorite vacation spot is, she’ll tell you it’s anywhere with a beach and good walking trails.


She’s also a great multi-tasker. (You have to be when you’re the mother of twins!) So it’s a point of pride for Cassandra that she can juggle multiple tasks at once. Take for example the fact that her two favorite hobbies are walking and reading, things that are notoriously difficult and dangerous when done together. Unless you’re on a treadmill. So that’s how she spends her time at the gym several times a week – walking and reading at the same time.


But multi-tasking isn’t just for the gym. Cassandra brings her considerable abilities and skills to the table with every case she takes on. Whether it’s a bankruptcy case, helping a family with a CPS defense, a criminal defense case, or a divorce, she tackles it with ferocity and that unyielding desire to know everything. (So don’t lay Trivial Pursuit with her unless you like to get crushed.)


From action movies to sushi to ancient military history books, Cassandra has a wide range of interests. She’s also seen a lot of the world. From snorkeling in three major oceans and hiking among the ruins of Mayan temples in the Yucatan, there is little that Cassandra doesn’t embrace. And that’s part of what makes her such a great attorney – her avid interest in every aspect of life, and her desire to get to know the people behind the stories.