Our Attorneys

Michael J. Cronkright

I am Michael Cronkright, one of the founding partners of Kronzek & Cronkright, PLLC. I hold firmly to the belief that every criminal defendant and every person suspected of a crime deserves the best possible defense.

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"Defending the Falsely Accused is not a Job for the Weak, the Timid, The Inexperienced, or the Incompetent."

- Michael J. Cronkright


Charles M. Kronzek


I am attorney Chuck Kronzek. My interest in founding this law firm, along with my first partner, Michael Cronkright, was that I wanted to operate a firm where we could offer each of our clients the best possible defense, the best possible attorneys and the best possible results.

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"I am determined to see that every Client in my Firm has the Highest Quality Criminal Defense. Every Criminal Case is Treated as the Most Important Event our Client Will Ever Face."

- Charles M. Kronzek


John M. English

John M. English, originally raised on the shores of Lake Superior, has been a member of the State Bar of Michigan since 1999 and the New Hampshire Bar Association since 1985. He maintained a statewide OWI defense practice in New Hampshire for 14 years but now concentrates on all types of serious Michigan criminal cases.

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Brandy J. Thompson

Ms. Thompson, originally from northern Michigan, graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Pre-Law from Lake Superior State University. She then attended Michigan State University College of Law, where she graduated Cum Laude. While in law school, she became an editor for the prestigious MSU Law Review.

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Stephanie M. Service

Ms. Service firmly believes in a criminal defendant’s constitutional right to a competent criminal defense attorney. That is why she has such a passion for defending people who have been charged with crimes in Michigan. Not only does she work hard to prepare a defense strategy, but she works hard to build relationships with all her clients.

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 Thomas S. Piotrowski

Thomas Piotrowski is an experienced and aggressive litigator who handles cases in and around the Detroit metro area. Since graduating cum laude from the Detroit College of Law in 1987, Mr. Piotrowski has been actively litigating inside of Michigan courtrooms.

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